My Quarantine

By Grace, Age 10

As I have recently discovered, we all have a quarantine story. Maybe it’s a story you want to tell or a story you keep close. I know that my story has a lot of bumps. When COVID hit, it was hard for me. I was in third grade, and school was like my second home. I missed seeing my friends and teacher, who challenged me and helped me become me. My online classes were absolutely boring. We would just do independent work and zoom for only 30 minutes. School was boringly short. When I was in fourth grade, my friends, one after the other, announced they were moving schools–and at my party! I panicked. I had a choice: I could stay at my school or I could move schools. Well, I decided to move schools for the third time! However, my mom and I had to move which hadn’t happened since I was one. But it all happened for the best. Thank you for reading!