My Pre-Covid Trip

By Cassandra, Age 10

It was two years ago when it all started. I began hearing rumors and news around January of 2019 about a virus spreading in China. At first٫ I didn’t think it would be affecting other countries or last more than a year. I know it didn’t stop us from planning our trip to go to the Philippines to attend my uncle’s graduation in March. As we got closer to our trip٫ the news talked about the corona virus more, and it became more serious. Especially when they stopped allowing passengers from China to enter the USA. Still٫ it did not stop us from leaving. We went straight to the Philippines without any problems. The only thing that I noticed was that some people were wearing masks at the airport. When we arrived in Manila٫ everything seemed normal٫ people didn’t even wear masks. We even went to the beach٫ the mall, and restaurants. We also visited our relatives and friends without feeling scared. The best part was being able to see my uncle graduate in school. It was so much fun!

A month went by so fast. This made me cry because it was time to go back home and I really wanted to stay longer so I could spend more time with my cousins. But we made the right choice in the end. When we got back to Los Angeles٫ everything was different. Everyone was wearing a mask. People were scared to get close to one another٫ and stores had lines to get in! We called our family in the Philippines and they told us that they were in lock down after we left. So I’m glad we left just in time. Then the stay at home order was made for LA.

I felt like I was in a zombie movie!

The streets were empty٫ there was no school, and a lot of the stores were closed. I felt like I was in a zombie movie! It was horrible! However, it was starting to feel normal again٫ slowly but surely. Two years later…Covid-19 is still around. If I knew this all would have happened٫ I would have bought a lot more toilet paper!