My pet

By Scarlet, Age 11

During covid, me, my mom and my dad decided to adopt a dog. The next day me, Lola and my mom went to an adoption center that was nearby the Randy Donuts and we wanted to adopt a dog. Next day, we went with my dad who found the perfect dog, Germany. He was seven years old, and he was white with black spots and he was a small dog and he was a Chihuahua mix. We don’t know what his other half is but we do know that he is a half Chihuahua. Then three months later, we found a small stray kitten that was three months old. The cat was also white with black spots but unlike Germany, he was fluffy. So fluffy, and we named him picante. Now picante is even more fluffy and one year later we adopted another dog. She is small and she is super playful. She was eight months old but now she’s a year old and she’s so much more playful. I believe that I will be fine for the rest of the pandemic as long as my pets are with me.