My Pandemic Pet

By Sara, Age 11

On January 15, 2021, my family adopted a dog named Hadly. Hadly was three years old. Hadly is a female and her bread is a boxer. In previous years, we had two other boxers. One was Rocky and the other was Abby. The reason why my family adopted Hadly is because she used to be a breeding dog. The reason why she was retired is because she had one litter of twelve and the other one was eight and that put a lot of stress on her. The funny thing is that one of her puppies lives on my street! She does a funny thing that we like to call ‘the frog’. It is when she lays down and speeds her arms and legs out in the position a frog would be if it was run over by a car. In the first week we had Hadly, my dad had taught her to roll over which the previous owners had never been able to teach her to do. I hope you liked my story about my dog. Thank you and have a nice rest of your day.