My Life During the Pandemic

By Deacon, Age 13

During the pandemic, it felt like everything stood still. At first, covid-19 just seemed like some far off issue, like a distant war I had never heard of. But then, it spread across the world and it reached the United States. My family got it, my cousins got it, my aunts and uncles got it, my grandparents and great-grandparents got it, and a WW2 Veteran who lived bedside my grandparents died from it. Covid-19 was hard. But I was able to spend time with my family during the lockdown. I can’t imagine how those who lived alone felt. Hardly a single soul was left untouched by its icy grip. It was also difficult to celebrate my birthday since everything was shut down. We made the best of it though and my twelfth birthday was one I will always remember. Everything was so quiet, but it was also, at least at times, peaceful. For me, the virus was often more of an inconvenience, but I recognize that for many, it was devastating. Even through all of this WE prevailed, WE beat the odds, and WE are ready for whatever comes next.