My Journey to Canada

By Gurrehmat, Age 13

March 2020 was when I first heard about the virus. I thought it was just a small thing that would go away in a few months. As you can see I was wrong. 

It is two YEARS LATER now and it is still going on! You know, the funny thing is, I remember almost nothing from before COVID.

The thing I DO remember is in April, 2020, I got my visa to come to Canada! I was SO happy that I was coming to Canada. Little did I know, something else was going to happen. We tried to get the plane tickets for April, 2020, but it didn’t happen.

We tried to get tickets again in May but it still didn’t happen because COVID was just working its way around the world. I was so excited to leave my country but the universe said, “Nope.”

Finally, in August, we got the plane tickets! I was a bit sad as I will leave my extended family. I was really scared. What if something went wrong? What if I never got to Canada?. 

But I made it here and now I love living here. IT IS AWESOME!