My Happy Ending

By Saho, Age 10

I am a definite bookworm, but out of all the books, the book that made me feel most finally seen was Pie In The Sky by Remy Lai. I always have so much I can connect to every time I read it. For example, I have experienced being forced to move halfway across the world, from Japan to America. A few years ago, when I moved to America, things were really hard for me. I had no friends and I didn’t think I could ever get used to anything in my life. However, that’s when I finally saw the book, Pie In The Sky. It gave me hope that maybe I will be able to get used to things here. The book has a happy ending, and that book gave my life a happy ending. Now, I am great with English, and I have many many friends. The book and I share many great things, including a happy ending all together. Whenever I read that book, I feel glad and relieved that I am not living in this hard, but fun world alone. 

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