My Fun Pandemic Experience

By Janice, Age 9

During the pandemic my parents and grandparents didn’t have to go to work for a few months, so me and my family spent more time with each other. My dad told us bedtime stories during his break. My sister and I played a lot of games with our dad. My mom made yummy food and made us milk tea. My grandma cleaned and also made food. My grandpa just was a bit silly. After their break ended we didn’t

My sister and I also started learning Chinese

mind that much because they were off on Monday. My sister and I also started learning Chinese shortly after. Then we started doing Zoom for our classes. I liked doing Zoom for the classes because I had more free time. We chose different times, so my sister couldn’t play with me in the morning and I couldn’t play with my sister in the afternoon. The pandemic was quite fun because of the break my family had. Those are a few events that happened during my pandemic.