My Fourth Grade Class with Covid

By Owen, Age 10

During Fourth Grade, I had to be all virtual.  I only saw my classmates as little pictures and could not see them in real life.  I did not have their number so I could not call them or text them.  I had to keep silent and try to listen to the teacher talking while my internet was glitching out.  I could not even hear the teacher talking because she was frozen.  I had to guess all my school work and got it all wrong.  I hoped I could get back into my school. In-person learning would be better because you can hear the teacher speaking. I also wanted to see my friends in person because I did not see them in 2 years. Also, I wanted to meet my teacher in person because I had not even met her in person  The teacher also did not see that people were sending private messages through the computer and every second there was a message from almost every student in the class.  I hoped one day this virus would end so I could get back into school.