Last Gamer Standing

By Olivia, Age 11

The book Last Gamer Standing by Katie Zhao is a very meaningful book to me. When I was younger, I loved video games, and I still do! But one thing that I had realized, one thing that really changed the way I viewed video games. People thought girls shouldn’t play games! It always makes me sad when I think about it. Anyone can play (and be good) at anything, which is why I like this book. This book features a girl who loves video games and goes to a video game school. After she goes there, she thinks she has to “hide” her identity as one of the best players there. But near the end, she realizes that she doesn’t have to be worried about her gender and that people should accept her for her. This is so relatable to me because the exact same thing happened to me. I feel that this book inspires a lot of girls to pursue their dreams and not listen to those sexist people who tell them they can’t do it. I think this book portrays that message nicely.

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