My Crazy Life During the Pandemic

By Veronica, Age 11

It was the year 2020 and right after March break my parents got an email saying that we had to start online school because there was a really dangerous virus called Covid-19, and online school had started the week after the email got sent out by the school for the first couple of weeks I enjoyed it but then it got very boring because you had to go on all of your meetings and sitting in a chair for very long. But there is also a bright side to the story is that I could spend more time with my family and playing board games with them. The other bright side to the story is that I could still see my friends but 6 feet apart so that made it sad because we couldn’t play tag. Since we couldn’t see my friend and play tag, we played an online game called Roblox. But after we were staying at home the premier announced that we could finally start going to places and being with other people. So when we heard that news I immediately talked to my friends and see if we could go to the park together.