My Covid Summer

By Jake, Age 11

It was the summer of 2020. My grandma, grandpa, and my family were going on a cruise. Then, I heard about covid-19–I was scared like a cat in a tree! But they debated if we were still going. I did want to go on the cruise ship because it had a big water slide, rock wall, and beautiful lighting…but, we didn’t go. We stayed home that summer and we got a pool! It’s a lagoon shape, and we had to get about 18 truckloads of dirt. Once it was done, we went swimming and one of my two dogs, Muggsy, went swimming. He is a small white dog that will literally eat anything! I got an avocado float, my brother Tyler got a pineapple float, and my sister Kassie got a unicorn float. We played a pool game called “rock, paper, scissors, shoot”. It’s when you lie back to back, and then play rock paper scissors shoot, and if you lose – you scooch forward a little bit, and eventually one of you falls into the water.