My covid story

By Oliver, Age 11

During the pandemic, right after Christmas break, we had to stay home for another week. During that week, I didn’t feel good, so I laid down on my couch. My mom said that I had a really big fever. I was surprised because I hadn’t been sick since the start of the pandemic. Then, minutes later, a huge headache. My mom said it was unusual for me to have this big of a headache. So my mom drove to the testing centre to get a rapid test. It really wasn’t that bad, but I was scared anyways. Just the thought of having Covid scared me. After a couple days I wasn’t feeling good AGAIN. My mom said I was positive. But I was too tired to say anything so I just said, “Meh.” Later my mom said school was open but I still had to stay home. I hated it. It was so boring. After I got better (which was three days later), I finally got to go to school.