My covid story

By Henry, Age 9

“Ok class, tomorrow we will be doing online school” Mrs. McWilliams said as school ended. I hopped on bus 688 imagining what online school was going to be like. March 13, 2019 was the day covid – 19 began. The next day, I woke up, ate breakfast, then got on my computer and logged in to Mrs. McWilliams Google Meet, and hated school for the rest of the year. Then it was summer break. I was so excited to be a 2nd grader!! But then… My mom got an email that the school year was going to be virtual. In virtual school I felt empty and bored, and all my ecstasy about being a 2nd grader was gone. I would refuse to do my work, never pay attention, and complain about me not getting any breaks.  My only source of entertainment was typing in the chat. Then covid got better, towards the end of the year I was able to do in  person school for 9 – 18 weeks. Next it was summer break, I was going into 3rd grade!!! Going into 3rd grade I did in person school, but I had to wear a mask. Happily, later there were no masks.