My Covid Halloween

By Adelia, Age

I rushed out of bed as soon as my parents woke me up! I was so excited! There were only 2 more days until Halloween! I hadn’t celebrated Halloween in 2 years, and today there’d be a celebration at school! This Halloween I would have the BEST costume, Cruella de Vil!

When I got to school I saw everybody’s different costumes, from Ted Lasso to koala bears! There were lots of activities and I got a lot of candy! I played every game until it ended, but there would be an awesome after party! First we had to take COVID tests, easy! I enjoyed the last bit of the celebration until my teacher, Kelly, told me to sit outside. I had a bad feeling about this. 

I saw my brother Ollie sitting on a bench.
I immediately asked, “What’s going on?” 

Ollie replied, “I tested positive.” 

I thought, “This isn’t true!” 

I waited until my dad came to pick us up. 

“Sorry guys,” said my dad as we drove home. Ollie had to quarantine in a room for about a week, but we FaceTimed every day and when it was over I had already gotten my first vaccination for COVID!