My Covid Experience

By Lily, Age 12

My covid 19 experience has been crazy and changed me as a person so much. Covid started when I was 9 years old and now I’m 12. I have done zoom for school. I have been doing it for a very long time and I had to move outside for my gymnastics. This was all very confusing for all of our family members because they haven’t gone through this ever in their lives. Doing zoom online has been stressful and I wanted to go back to in person school so bad. I was getting so tired of doing zoom it was just so boring. I quit gymnastics and I found a new hobby which I really like: hip hop. I really like it because I can express myself while dancing. I still have to wear masks at dance and at gymnastics before I quit. It’s hard because everybody has been getting sick and a lot of my family members and friends have been getting covid. However, three family members: my mom, dad, and brother haven’t gotten covid. Covid is very scary. I didn’t know what was going to happen and there have been so many changes but it also has been interesting. I can tell people when I’m older that I lived through a pandemic. Covid has changed me a little because now I’m way more hygienic and making sure I wash my hands way more and wiping down my things when others use them. So far covid has been tiring but it also has made me look at the world at a different angle. Anything can happen but we must keep hope. That has been my experience with covid and I hope covid can end by next year at most.