My Baby Cousin

By Keiko, Age 10

In February 2020, my baby cousin, Atsushi (AH-Tsu-Shi) was born. My family here in the U.S was happy. My aunt sent us pictures of Atsushi. We were so excited to meet him, but covid came. Everybody was sad and disappointed. We couldn’t go to Japan during the pandemic. But, we met our family members online. Seeing family online was not that fun. My family members looked small on the screen. I wanted to see my relatives face-to-face. After the pandemic, Atsushi could walk and talk! I was happy and sad. My baby cousin grew up, and I couldn’t see it. Unfortunately, I just have to hope. It is the only thing I can do for now, and I have to hold onto it.

Beep beep beep!
“Mom, the phone’s ringing!” I shout.
“I’ll get it!” my mom answered. She grabbed her phone and listened. I saw my mom smile very widely.
“Who is it?” I asked. My mom held a “Wait, not yet” finger, so I waited for the call to end. After the call, my mom hung up and turned to face me.
“Your aunt just called. She said that you have a new baby sister cousin!”