My Awesome Teachers

By Ayden, Age 10

Near the end of 2nd grade, my mom told me that we needed to be home because of the new coronavirus. Now in second grade, my teacher Ms. Thuring gave me a computer and a charger. I packed up my materials and got ready for online school. The next day, I sat in the kitchen with my computer doing online learning. I just learned about google meet. It had a chat and you have your own camera! It was finally the end of second grade when my teacher Ms. Thuring came to my house and gave me a stress toy. In third grade, my teacher was Ms. Figueiredo. It was her first year in teaching. During math, she took a post-it note and named it Spongebob and she called herself Figgy Figgs. Today was the day I was gonna meet my third grade teacher for the first time! We did these awesome activities and I gave her a card. Now I’m in fourth grade. My teacher is Mrs. Ramirez,  and a few days ago, we heard we can take our masks off in March! Hopefully my prayers about corona being gone have been answered.