My Airport Experience

By Nuphar, Age 10

It was our New Year vacation, and we were in Thailand. Suddenly, news had spread about the virus. We couldn’t go back to China. We would have to spend the next part of our life stuck in Thailand.

Two Months Later – Phuket Airport

Corona had spread almost all over the planet making chaos everywhere. We were finally heading back home from Thailand. As we walked around the airport trying to find our flight, we saw everyone wearing masks and keeping their distance. But everyone was still believing that this would end soon. No one had lost hope. Thankfully, the flight from Phuket to China, where I live is only 2 or 3 hours. Even though I live in China, I am from Israel. When we landed and got off the airport we obviously had to quarantine. I had almost lost hope. Corona seems like it will never end, but if everyone carries hope, we never know, a miracle might happen.