By Lauryn, Age

When my family and I heard about covid-19, and how it could kill thousands of people without a cure, we panicked and like everyone else had to cancel our plans of going places. We were stuck at home, so my family and I made it fun most of the time. We played in our backyard, rollerbladed, and played board games. If we didn’t feel like doing that stuff, we played with our dog Chloe. Unfortunately, Chloe passed away in June of 2020. A few months later, my parents told my brother and I that we were getting a new dog. We were so happy we screamed. After we were done screaming with joy, we got into the car and drove to find a new puppy. After we looked at all of the puppies, we went back home and a week later, we made our decision. We got a boy dog and we named him Mochi after my dad’s favorite dessert!