Miles from hometown

By Damodara, Age 10

I am a first generation immigrant from India. Even though I have some relatives in the USA, most of my relative still live in India. When I left India for the USA, I missed my relatives a lot. With covid everywhere, I can’t go back to India for some time and visit my relatives. They can only call by phone and see me by video call. Sometimes I feel like I don’t care about covid and just want to go and visit my relatives. Usually, we went to our hometown during summer break, but since covid struck the world and canceled many flights, we couldn’t go. My relatives also can’t come here either. But since now, covid has gone down a little and more flights are coming, my parents are thinking about going back to India during the coming summer break. When my parents told me this big news, I was really happy. I immediately told my sister. She loved the news. The only problem is there is not many tickets and covid is still there in India. I am hoping that covid is gone and there are more flight tickets during summer break.