Marble month

By Naiesha, Age 12

It’s Friday, March 13th, 2020, when the school bell rings. “Yay! Spring break is finally here!” I yelled with joy. March was a marble month, and on the last day before spring break started, I asked one of my friends, “Can I exchange this marble with one of yours, when we return from spring break?” The answer was a yes. I was so excited for spring break to end and to return to school, once again. Sadly, that never happened because…the Coronavirus cases began to inflame. “When will we go back to school?” I asked my mother, one day. She told me the school will reopen on April 15th; a few days later, the date was May 5th. Sooner than I could say Coronavirus, distance learning began. We picked up our laptops from the school and had all meetings and assignments over Microsoft Teams. At least, Teams had a chat. One of my many friends said, “Even without us seeing each other, we will always be best friends.” I was optimistic, all the way through. We still had chat, to talk with each other. We still had meetings, to see each other. The only thing we did not have was in-person school.