By Grace, Age 9

If there was a word to describe the pandemic it would be: lonely. Or is it just me? It’s been one and a half years stuck at your home looking at a screen. We could still go out, but chances were risky. We never saw what was coming when COVID hit. It was suddenly one day when our teacher said, “Tomorrow we are going to go online.” We all thought it was just for 2 weeks, but 2 weeks never came. Two weeks became one month, one month eventually became one year. I rarely got to see my friends in person, the only time I got to see them was on a screen. We pretty much got really techy, we knew better than our parents and let’s just say our teachers too. It was really strange to me at first. We woke up, opened our computer and went on Zoom. It would end at 12:30 and there was no school on Friday. It was weird, it’s like suddenly the fire stopped burning to keep us warm, leaving us cold and alone. It was like losing half of your heart, half of the people you loved, lost. Lonely, afraid, emptiness.