By Ezra, Age 11

Gordan Korman creates books in a way that make you want to snuggle up between the blankets and reread it all again. It’s so meaningful and deep, yet it can still be understood by people of all ages. When I read it, I felt like I could do anything. In Linked, a middle school locker is painted with a swastika. Continuously. This sign of hate immediately disrupts life in Colorado, and a group of antagonists who are all the same age don’t know what to do. Though the small town’s past haunts them, they are not fazed. So they create millions of paper chains, a project that fights against racism. Suddenly, this is a huge project all over the world. Schools are sending in thousands of paper chains, and the world is onto it. I felt invincible at that moment. 7th graders doing that!? Though I may think I’m useless, there are a trillion and one ways I can help the community and make a change. I always thought that it’s really hard to become famous and do great things. But anybody can do great things; you just have to set your mind to it. Linked made me finally seen.

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