Laughs with My Zoom Class

By Sarah, Age 11

When I joined the Zoom class, I saw the familiar faces of my fourth grade class. “Hi guys!” I said to the Zoom room. Replies of “Hey Sarah!” found me. My teacher, Mr. Fox, started talking about homework. Cash and Hugh, two kids in my class, had been unmuted and were laughing about something the rest didn’t know about. I’d just rather have been anywhere else than in that awkward Zoom room on a sunny, spring Monday morning.

“Cash and Hugh. Is there anything you would like to share with the class?” Mr. Fox said.

“No.” Cash and Hugh said seriously. Mr. Fox continued. I looked at the chat. Hugh sent a message about Fortnite.    

“Okay I’m turning off the chat.” Mr. Fox exclaimed. He continued the speech about making sure we do homework. 

“GET HIM! GET HIM!” Cash yelled. He forgot to mute himself. Uh-oh.

“You guys better not be playing Fortnite.” Mr. Fox said.

There was silence.

“Sorry.” They said.

Mr. Fox chuckled. 

“Don’t do it again.” Mr. Fox said laughing.

Everyone laughed hard. The familiar. I see the friends I’ve always known. The kind faces, the friendly laughter, the fun times all belong to me.