Last Gate of the Emperor

By Edom, Age 11

The book that I think I relate to the most is Last Gate of the Emperor. I think I relate to this book the most, because the main character of this book, Yared Heywat is a lot like me. First, he is Ethiopian, just like me. He has the same personality as me, like silly, energetic, and funny. He also likes the same food as me, like Shiro, an Ethiopian dish, and more. He is a witty know-it-all, and smart. I also really like Last Gate, because it has such a cool storyline of Ethiopia, I think it’s just astonishing. Also, he works with a girl named Ibis, which is like his sister, and he thinks she is annoying. I also have 2 siblings, and I think they are quite annoying. Also, I really love animals, while Yared also loves animals. And I think the thing that is most relatable is, he only has 1 family member, Uncle Moti, that lives with him, while my parents are divorced, and I mostly live with my mom. So I think the Last Gate of the Emperor is the book that makes me feel seen.

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