It’s the Little Things

By Katelyn, Age 10

The time of Covid was the time that my Nai Nai got sick with a stroke. I call my Mama’s mom Nai Nai because I share my last name with Mama. Being fully Chinese made me realize that family is most important. Unfortunately, the pandemic was a tornado. You get sucked inside and don’t come out. During the Summer, me and Mama go outside for walks. We bring bread to feed the geese. We were walking by our spot when I spotted a geese alone. I noticed it was limping. We investigated more and found that the goose had an injured leg! I fed it bread and came back the next day. Soon, the goose started to recognize me. I would come and the goose came towards me even though Mama was the one who held bread! After two months of visiting the goose, it healed. Soon, Fall came and geese left. But I knew that it was better to live having a friend and in health than not. I learned that human or not, friend or foe, that there are always people who will be kind and will guide you. Sometimes we just have to appreciate the little things.