It’s Only Hope

By Tegan, Age 11

It was a normal day like any other. I went to school and had a good day, but my teacher informed me we had to go virtual and go to school meets. I was excited. I never had to take off of school for so long! I went home and was getting ready to wake up late and eat whenever I wanted to, but it wasn’t as exciting as I had thought. I had to wear this new material, and it covered half of my face. Hope. I hoped I could see my friends. I hoped I could have a normal life. I hoped I could see family. 

I had such good times with family and friends, but I had moved beforehand and moved back because of covid. I had heard that so many people had lost someone, but I knew I didn’t until…my grandpa passed away due to covid, but it was time, and as sad as I was, I hadn’t gotten it, and most people are healthy now. But going through all those times, I had no choice but to hope for everyone else in my family to be healthy. But so far, my wish has come true.