I Am Enough

By Jazmyn, Age 12

A book named I Am Enough by Grace Byers is a book that talks about self worth and embracing your differences. This book makes me feel seen because it makes me think that no matter what you look like, your abilities, or beliefs, everyone is still unique in their own way. The whole message for this book is encouraging children to remember to always show respect and kindness to others no matter what. I have read this book over two years ago and it still helps me feel seen till this day. I have not found any other book that has been this inspirational to myself which is absolutely amazing to me. What makes this book better is that it is a children’s book that is mostly made to inspire children to have the right mindset in real life. Having books like this makes me have the right mindset on myself and others to have the right mindset on themselves. After reading this book, it has made my self esteem and caring for myself go up
even more. I recommend this book to anyone that has low confidence or low self esteem to read this book, this book will do just right.

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