How To Trap A Tiger

By Aya, Age 10

Are you seen? My mirror is How To Trap A Tiger By Tae Keller. This book is about Lily, who moves and goes to live with her grandma who’s sick. Subsequently, Lily finds a spiritual tiger, and must convince it to share stories so her grandma doesn’t die. Lily and I are similar in cultures. I believe in spirits, and my grandma has a disability.

My mirror has multiple elements I relate to. The first association to my mirror is that she is Asian-American. I connect to this as I was born into an Asian-Caucasian family. Like Lily, I experience that I don’t belong anywhere. In America, I feel Asian. In Asia, I feel Caucasian. My second connection is that spirits come to life. In my culture, spirits are believed to be real, and I share a connection with Lily in this way. Secondly, Lily’s grandma is sick, and my grandma has a disability. I try my best to not be sad, but it’s hard, like Lily.

Ultimately, I connect with Lily. She is Asian-Caucasian and believes in spirits like me. Lily’s halmoni is sick, which connects to me. Do you have a mirror?

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