How to get a pandemic puppy

By Deeksha, Age 10

In the pandemic, I took on a big responsibility, and it was hard losing contact with your friends for sometime, but I feel like the pandemic was the reason I got a dog. Having a dog is a big responsibility, I felt like I needed a dog, it was necessary. So if you want a dog this is how.

1) You make your parents think the only thing you want is a dog, and talk about it all the time.

2) You do not ask your parents for anything else…until you get a dog.

3) Whenever you see a dog, talk to your parents about it…and about dogs.

4) When you think your parents are thinking about getting a dog, you do research to see which dog will fit for your family, and where to get it.

5) Work hard, do chores, make them convinced that you will take care of the dog, and that you can take care of that responsibility.

Basically, that’s how I got a dog, try it! But remember, it will take some time for them to make up their mind and decide, so don’t give up!!! So, that’s basically the most important and exciting thing I did in the pandemic. My dog’s breed is a yellow labrador. She was 8 weeks old when me and my family adopted her, and her name is Nila.