How it started

By Finn, Age 12

It’s my youngest brother’s birthday and my mom said that were going to Great Wolf Lodge. Wait. We never go to Great Wolf Lodge. My two younger brothers are so excited along the car trip there that they are almost jumping out of their seats. When we get there, as we are checking in, my mom and dad both tell me that there is a worldwide virus that’s going on, but we should be safe. Let’s just avoid the more crowded areas to be safe. The next day that we’re there we are going to the arcade, but my mom said that we shouldn’t because of the mysterious virus that is going around. The next day we left. A few months later right before the end of summer, my mom has a talk about switching from home school to online school. She says this school is a very good school. She said if I went, my brothers would still be home schooling until next year, where they would be going to the same school. I said that I would, because me and my brothers have been on the waitlist for a year. That’s how I was okay with covid.