Hope through the screen

By Zoya, Age 11

March 2020 is a time I will never forget. Online school was something that I never predicted would happen–something that would last the following year, and that the coronavirus itself was going to last to this day.

Online school was definitely not the same as in person. We had less assignments and activities, and all of my friends were back in person. But this gave me an advantage: lots of free time. I used to despise reading; I simply just couldn’t get into the books I was reading. Finally, I found a book I could not put down: A Place at the Table, which, to my amazement, featured a South Asian protagonist. I was enthralled that it had a kid like me in it. In fact, I started a virtual book club with a few of my school friends as a way to stay in touch during the pandemic, (A Place at the Table being our first book), and we still meet monthly via Zoom, even though I am back in person with them!

        During this chaotic time, I learned that there is hope.. whether it be through the screen, or through the pages.

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