Hope is on the Rise

By Patrick, age 9

Thinking, waiting, and waiting. 

It’s been almost two years since Covid started, when the Covid vaccine came out it was only for adults. This news was sad because, well, I’m not an adult. 

“The best thing to do is to stay safe and wait,” my mom says for about the millionth time. 

“I know I know,” I say annoyed. All of the time everyone tells me to wait and, well I don’t want to wait.

3 weeks later…

Still waiting.

Thinking, waiting, and waiting.

3 months later…

Well I’m still waiting but it seems like something may happen soon.

“ Just keep waiting,” I tell myself. 

6 months later…

“Hope is on the rise!” I cheer.

“The vaccine is finally out for kids! Hooray!”

Well I should probably tell you what happened. I’m waking up, realizing it’s Friday and I’m going downstairs for breakfast. I’m yawning (because I just woke up). When I’m halfway down the stairs I smell breakfast (specifically bacon, eggs, and some fruit). Then, when I walk into the dinning room I hear the news. 

“Guess what! I signed you up for the vaccine!” my mom says excitedly.

“Really!!??” I shout.

“Yes! You are signed up for next Wednesday,” my mom replies.

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