Hope for In-Person School

By Oliver, Age 10

Ms. M called a class meeting about how many people knew about covid-19 and every hand went up except mine. I knew nothing about this virus. When someone said two people died, I was worried. On March 3rd, 2020, she told us we had to leave school for “two weeks” because covid-19 was getting out of hand. And that is when it started. People had to quarantine in their homes to avoid this virus. I missed my friends and school very much. Staying at home was annoying because nothing exciting really happened besides hanging with my siblings. Two weeks turned into five weeks. Many places were closing including my dad’s running shop. This made it hard. But luckily, he could still sell shoes online. The rest of the summer was frustrating because normally we would go to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Five weeks turned into a year. Then third grade started and it was online. I had many technology issues. This made it hard to hear and see. Towards the end of the year they announced the vaccines and that got me excited! Maybe we will go back to school in person!