By Ashlynn, age 12

Four legs, a mane, and a tail kept me hopeful… When the world first shut down it was like a scary vacation with ups, downs, and hopes of everything being over and going back to normal soon. When I went to the barn I didn’t have to wear a mask or deal with Covid. We got thrown into something that we didn’t know how to handle, but the barn was still a place that wasn’t changing. One thing that kept us hopeful was visiting my horse Josie. We’ve had Josie since before I was born and she was one of the only things I had that was secure and not changing at the time. She was like a wall that protected me from all the scary things. Then, in February 2021, we found a horse named Radar. He is something that changed my life forever and helped me through the rough times and stay hopeful. When I saw Josie and Radar together it was like the world stopped… but for the good. Everything felt different at the barn. It was just me and them. Covid has changed everything around me,  but being with my horses helped me stay positive. 

Four legs, a mane, and a tail kept me hopeful.