Hockey blues

By Victor, age 11

At first, I was happy because there was no school. Later on, I realized it was serious, then we had to go online for a long time, like I mean for like a long time. We got back to school and it was hard wearing a mask for 6 hours. After everyone mostly got the vaccine it was fine. Two main things that made me mad that happened during that time. First, I couldn’t play hockey, I love hockey. It is my favorite sport. I would have 2 games every week and 3-4 practices, which is a lot. When I found out my mom didn’t let me play I was mad because I am a goalie and it is very sad not to play. I got through it by just waiting until I could play again. The second thing is that Omicron hit, it is a variant to COVID. I was scared but it was fine because I had both of my vaccines already, so I could still play hockey! This is why you should never give up!

This is why you should never give up!

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