Harry Potter

By George, Age 10

It was the beginning of the pandemic, like the first month of it! Covid-19 had not evolved and I was just doing google-classroom for school not Zoom. I was happy, I just had to do assignments that only took five minutes, and the rest of the day was free. My mom insisted that we do puzzles while listening to books. We finished about three books. 

One afternoon we had just finished a book and we had no book to listen to. So, my mom said, “let’s listen to Harry Potter.” My sister who was 7 at the time said “No! I don’t want to.” I said sure but during in person school pre pandemic I never wanted to read Harry Potter. I thought it was lame but that day I wanted to give it a try. So, we started listening to it. By the time we started reading Harry Potter we finished 5 puzzles and we were working on our 6th. 

I loved Harry Potter and we watched the movies after we read the books. We are on the fifth book but watched all the movies. I love Harry Potter now, thanks to the pandemic.