By Laykin, Age 10

It was December 19, 2020 and the pandemic was getting pretty stressful for lots of people. My brother, sister and I​ were in the middle of virtual learning and we were feeling quite lonely. One morning, my parents​ were watching the basketball game and said, “Guys get dressed we have a surprise!” My siblings and I​ were so excited! After we were all dressed, we hopped into the car and drove off! I kept asking if we​ were going horseback riding but my parents wouldn’t say anything. I was really confused. Then my​ parents said, “we wanted to give you guys 3 friends that would give you a glimmer of hope and to make​ you happy and not lonely!” We were speechless. Then we welcomed three Syrian Hamsters into the​ family! The past 14 months have been really helpful with our hamsters.