By Timmy, Age 11

I sat down on the brown wooden bench. My stomach was hurting from all the candy I had eaten–Skittles, Red Vines, Hersheys, Mike & Ikes. Halloween was my favorite day of the year. I saw Meagan, the Head of Lower School, and she was walking right towards me. She walked with so much courage and confidence. I wish someday I would walk like that. As she got closer and closer I got more nervous and more nervous. I knew a couple of kids got COVID today but I didn’t think I got it. I was very scared, then she said, “Hey, Timmy, come with me to the front, please.” No, I told myself. No. I don’t have COVID. I am not sick, but for whatever reason I said, “OK” and dragged along behind her. Maybe I got it because I didn’t wear my mask at practice on Thursday. Or maybe because I sat too close to Daniel during lunch. I wanted to cry. I wanted to cry a river, no not a river, an ocean.