Half and Half

By Chloe, Age 11

I think a book that makes me feel seen is Half and Half by Lensey Namioka. Even though I read it a year ago it was the first book I’ve ever read with a half Asian half white main character! I related so much to how I didn’t just want to be put in the “other” category! When I was growing up I never saw a half Asian half white character In any media whatsoever. But one day in 5th grade my teacher decided to give us book clubs. There were many different books and they all looked very interesting but then my teacher talked about Half and Half. On the cover is a girl split between two different cultures and then I knew that’s what I wanted to read! It was my first book ever where I found a character who was my race! I’ve embraced my culture a lot more after reading the book! I’ve talked about it to people more, I’ve tried to find more books with people like me, I’ve even met more people of my race too! I no longer shy away from saying I’m bi-racial! I’m Half Asian and Half White! Half and Half!

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