By Muhammad, Age 12

I have never seen myself in a book. When I read this book, I finally saw myself in a book called Hachiko. I feel alone and obsessed with things that never come around. In the book Hachiko, there is a dog that loses its owner and waits at a train station every day until he dies. I feel like I wait for things that never come. In the book, when the dog died he found his owner again finding his love. I feel like if I wait long
enough, I get what I am looking for. This is just like the dog in the story. I feel like things just disappear and I have to work to get these things back. The book really highlights my life. Being patient in my life is necessary, but sometimes I don’t have that patience. I would like to be like this. Patient, stubborn (in a good way), confident, strong willed. I want to be like Hachiko because life doesn’t always go the way you want it to go, but you can always fix it as long as you are patient and able to wait for a long time with hope and confidence.

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