By Julia, Age 10

A book that makes me finally seen is Guts, by Raina Telegmeier. In the story, Raina (the book is about the author’s real life) is very shy, most of the time. She isn’t shy with her friends, but when she’s around people she doesn’t know like when she goes to see a therapist, she doesn’t talk as much and becomes quieter. She feels like the thought of something bad is worse than if it actually happened. For example, she feels sick and thinks she needs to throw up. She feels like she’s losing all control thinking of the fact that she might throw up, than if it actually happened. Her family didn’t have the most money growing up, and she didn’t get along with her siblings very well either. Like Raina, I am very shy around people I don’t know. Guts teaches readers to cope with stress and handle your problems better. Raina’s fifth grade class did an LDI which stood for Lecture, Demonstration, Instruction. When she first does one, at the beginning, she fails because she gets nervous speaking in front of the class, but the second time she teaches the class a breathing method she uses to cope.

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