Girls Who Code: The Friendship Code

By Monica, Age 11

I believe that the book that makes me feel “Finally Seen” is Girls Who Code: The Friendship Code, because I feel a lot like Sophia, one of the characters. I’m a brunette that loves to code, so hopefully, in middle school or high school, I’ll be able to join their coding clubs. Another reason I feel like Sophia is because of my on and off friendship with my next-door neighbor. We’ve both been good friends overall, but we have had many stupid arguments, ignored each other, and because of that, we’ve both been misunderstood, at least for the most part. Because we live right by each other, we do lots of stuff together when we’re friends, but when we aren’t, I start to feel so lonely because we both share so many friends, and when we argue, we practically steal them from each other. Like how Sophia and Lucy misunderstood each other and ignored each other for so long, that’s how I think we’ll turn out with our recent argument. But I hope we’ll resolve it soon. And Kelly Yang? I want to say thank you for giving me a chance in this amazing contest!

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