Getting through a difficult time

By Payton, age 11

It was a sunny day in March. I was in fourth grade. My principal came into the room. My teacher and my principal said “there’s a virus, covid. We have to go remote.” Then I went home happy thinking no school! Then I figured out how it was really gonna go.

I was having a hard time learning when we went remote. Work that took 15 minutes took hours to do. Then I found out I had OCD. which is a mental  disease. Where I had to make everything my way or do certain things otherwise “something bad is gonna happen.” I had routines and then I got some handle over it. Then in 6th grade my dog, my best friend passed away. I lost all my handle with my OCD. I couldn’t do anything. I felt weak. Then that’s when I started zoning out. My uncle then died. We were supposed to make a book. So I made it myself. He was also my best friend. I got the lead in my school play. Then my cousin tries out for the same role. It was my turn to be like her. Now I’m back where I started. I look up to her. She’s amazing and an inspiration. She is the best.