Getting Sick

By Eleni, Age 10

Covid has been around for almost two years, and I never thought that I would get it. That was until about a month or two ago when everything changed. 

“It’s positive,” my dad says as he hangs up the phone with the doctor. At the time, I didn’t know how to react. I was happy that I got to miss school, but I didn’t want to be sick. My parents said that I probably wouldn’t get covid too bad since I’m just a kid. Turns out that they were wrong. In fact, I ended up getting it worse than anyone else that I know. Within a couple of hours, my temperature went from 98 to 103. This went on for about four days. My dad even took me to the hospital because he was worried. Two days later, I ended up being fine. But since I had such a high fever, I couldn’t do physical activities for over a week! It was so unfair. 

After this experience, I realized how serious covid really is. However, I have hope that in the future, covid will end and we won’t have to worry about getting sick.