Getting sick

By Manely, Age 11

A few months ago, my family, my cousin, and I went to Roses restaurant. They had cake , pizza, and burgers. Two days later, I went to my cousin’s house. We all had fun there and I actually have two cousins. After my mom picked me up, she told me that my brother isn’t feeling well. When I arrived home my mom was wearing a mask. I asked and she said just in case my brother had covid so I wore a mask too. My brother made himself a covid test appointment so he could know if he had covid or not. And we found out that my brother was positive and he got so sick that he was in his room for three weeks. And then my dad got sick. And then I got sick. And THEN MY MOM GOT SICK. We all found out we were positive. This was how it went. I hope you enjoy my story.