Front Desk

By Gabrielle, Age 10

Hi Kelly Yang, the book that finally made me feel seen was your Front Desk Series. The reason why they made me feel this way is that Mia has to deal with a lot of racism and sexism. Sometimes random people tell me I can’t do certain sports because I am a girl. Mia is the girl that still keeps holding on to following her dreams. She gets stereotyped because she is Chinese and is supposed to do all these fantastic things. Still, it’s tough to do all those great things, whether it’s with relatives or parents. I feel pressured because I want to make them proud. I love how Mia fights for things that aren’t fair like when she stopped racist bullies from being mean to Jason. Mia made me feel like everyone is amazing and can follow their dreams to be whoever they want to be. She went from coming to America with only 200 dollars to working at a motel and that was a huge blessing. Your book showed me that in tough times you can rise back up again.

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