Front Desk

By Arlow, Age 10

The book that made me feel seen is Front Desk by Kelly Yang. This book made me feel seen because in third grade, my ELA class read Front Desk. We had so many funny, sad and very happy/excited moments reading it. It taught me a lot about life, friendship and family. It taught me about friendship because of Mia’s relationship with Lupe. It really showed me to hang on to your really good friends. It also taught me about family, and how your family will always be there for you. It taught me about life because it made me see a different perspective of what Mia went through. The book also made me feel more comfortable with reading out loud, too. I wasn’t that great at reading (just like Mia wasn’t that good at writing at first!) but this book helped me. It was so fun to be in ELA class when we were reading the book. We each took turns reading and I was so excited every time we went to read it. Although this book wasn’t exactly like I was looking in a mirror, it did still make me feel seen.

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