Front Desk

By Krisha, Age 9

Hi, I’m Krisha, and a book that makes me feel seen is Front Desk. In the story, Mia works hard, and now she owns a motel because she never gave up.

In this book Mia has to go through difficult things and never gives up her hopes and dreams to fit in. There are many people to help her on her journey, like her best friends Lupe and Hank. They encourage her ideas and Hank uses all his extra cash for Mia to help buy the motel.

In my life I face a lot of stress. I really just want to be the best student I can be. I felt so terrible thanks to one unpleasant grade. Not-so-great grades are like my Mr. Yao. I really just want to fit in like a smart kid this year in GT and in my classroom, just like how Mia wants to be rich, and she wants to fit in with Americans.

The reason why Front Desk is my “Finally Seen” book is because I always try even though I’m new in GT. I just want to be a smart kid in 4th grade. Just like Mia I won’t give up and I don’t.

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